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what we tattoo

We work from flash only, no customs.


Due to COVID-19 we will only tattoo arm, leg, back and hand placements.

No neck, head, sternum, stomach or rib cage etc. 

who works out of the studio

Molly (@cedar_n_orange) and Emma (@yard_n_gnome ) are the founders and full time artists of Two the West. For more info on their booking/policies visit the booking page. When we say "we" on the website we are referring to Molly and Emma. You will need to check the booking info and policies of any other artist that use our space as they may be different. 

We have two wonderful artists that use the space on our off days - visit the studio instagram for info to book with Meg and Sierra :) 

who we tattoo

You must be 18 or older. 

We are very committed to making Two the West a welcome space for everybody.

what does "flash tattoo" mean?

For our purposes, the term "Flash" is used to refer to any pre-drawn designs that are available to be tattooed. We do not repeat these designs and we do not do custom work. We will consider very slight flash modifications on a case by case basis (ie adding/subtracting a line, filling in a circle, etc.) and we will discuss anything like that during the booking process. Current and available flash is in our instagram story highlights. 

where can I find your flash? 

do you take custom requests? 

No, we do not take any custom tattoo work.  


See the booking page for Molly and Emma's sliding scale rates. 

Each artist has their available flash in the story highlights section of instagram. If you do not have instagram please contact us for an alternative viewing option. 

how long does handpoking take?

Most of the tattoos we do take between 2-4 hours. Arm/leg full wrap arounds can take between 3-6 hours depending on the size and complexity of the design. Full back pieces are usually in the 6-10+ hr range. We are happy to provide a time estimate based on the specific flash, sizing and placement.  

colored ink tattoo


where do I fit on your sliding scale

The sliding scale model allows you to choose the cost of the tattoo that fits your budget. It is meant to make our work more accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to get tattooed at the higher hourly rate.


Please consider your race, privilege/class, generational wealth, gender identity and your ability to make/budget/save money when choosing your rate. 

We will never ask you to prove or otherwise justify what rate you choose. 

thoughts on tipping 

We set our payment structure to be a fair wage without relying on tips. There is an option to add one to card payments and it's always appreciated, but we want to be clear that we certainly don't expect anything. 

how do I book with y'all  

We each have a booking form that needs to be filled out when our books open. You can subscribe to our mailing lists for the link when our books open once a month or it will be linked in our instagram bios. If it is not linked in our bios, books are closed. 

do you require deposits

A non-refundable deposit is required by each artist to hold an appt and flash design. A link for the deposit payment will be sent when we reply to your booking form. Cancellation for any reason will result in forfeiting the deposit and a new deposit will need to be paid in order to book a future appt. We are moving out of state in August so appts booked for July/August will not be able to be rescheduled - thanks for your understanding.

Where does "two the west" come from

the west

two wives 

in the pacific northwest 

We accept card or cash (cash preferred) at the end of the appointment. 

is there tax

Unfortunately, yes. Washington state and Seattle require 10.25% sales tax to be applied to the final cost. 

when & how often do your books open

Molly and Emma open bookings once a month for the following months appointments. I.e. mid-july for August appts. 

You can subscribe to our mailing lists if you'd like to get an email with the booking form link once a month when they open. 

See the booking page for this. 

what if I can't afford your rates

We have a limited number of spots available each month for reduced or severely reduced pricing. These spots are meant to be accessible spots for folks who are BIPOC, Trans/NB/Genderqueer, or otherwise extremely marginalized. There will be space to specify your interest in these spots on our booking form.

what are your covid precautions

We take Covid and your health very seriously at Two The West. We are requiring masks to be worn by artists and clients at all times. We are super strict about sanitation for tattoo purposes anyway but we have added extra daily cleaning for the space as well. Artists are vaccinated and most if not all of our clients are as well. We have an air purifier for the space, as well as AC for the hotter months. We are only booking out of state/traveling clients on a case by case basis in order to assess the risk. We send clients covid screening questions and a waiver the day before the appt and urge folks to stay home if any symptoms arise. We are happy to answer any other specific questions regarding our level of safety with this. 

We are not allowing clients to bring guests to the appt so there will only ever be a maximum of 4 people in the space at one time (2 artists and 2 clients). Our space is about 700 sq/ft. 

still have questions? 

Email us at and we will make sure to get back to you :)