Philly Deposit - yardngnome

  • YARDNGNOME -- Non-refundable $150 deposit for bookings in Philly.

    This deposit includes WA 10.25% sales tax since the tattoo will be subject to sales tax. Due to the temporary nature of my work in PA, I have been advised by my accountant to document income as WA. 

    I understand this is a large non-refundable deposit, I hope this encourages folks to be serious about keeping the appt and demonstrating strict covid precautions ahead of the appt, since I am equally taking every measure in order to show up safely for clients. Thank you for understanding. In the case that I (the artist) need to cancel your appt, your deposit will be refunded. 

    $150 will be deducted from the total tattoo price at the end of the appt. 

    Thank you for booking with me!